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Training plan

Registration for ”International Finance, Accounting and Tax Accounting” training has started

STIMUL announces a registration for "International Finance, Accounting and Tax Accounting".

The aim of the course is to teach international and local accounting, and organization and implementation of tax accounting systems in theoretical and practical ways, in the future as financial accountants, accountants or current accountants.

In addition to theoretical and practical information, the case study is discussed in the program, role-playing, business game, presentation of various scenarios, group and project work, and using modern teaching methods and technologies.


Duration of the course: 3.5 months - 64 hours

International financial and national accounting - 32 hours
Tax Accounting - 10 hours
Official accounting and records - 14 hours
Evaluation: 8 hours.

Full program payment (3.5 months): 450AZN
Lesson hours: weekday hours 19:00 and weekends
Training start time: 30.03.2018 at 19:00

Trainer: Namig Alizadeh (Ph.D., dissertant for the degree of Doctor of Science)

Alizade Namig is a Bachelor and Master graduate student of ASUE. She has received a PhD in economics from 2011 (Ph.D). From January 2018, he has been accepted as a dissertant for the scientific degree of Doctor of Sciences of ASUE. Alizadeh Namiq is the author of more than 10 articles in local and foreign journals and more than 30 articles on personal development.

Namig teacher is the head of the OYU 's Business, Career, Training and Marketing Innovation Institute.   (http://www.oyu.edu.az/index.php?newsid=251 )

He is the organizer and trainer of a durable mini-MBA Certification Program for the first time in Azerbaijan since 2016   http://(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jfizSTEPE8 )

He started her labor activity as an economist at AMAKA in 2004, and later worked as Senior Accountant. He has also worked for ANS Group of Companies, ATILLA GROUP, KIA MOTORS Azerbaijan, NURGÜN HOLDINQ as Internal Auditor, Finance & Commercial Director, Marketing and Business Development Director. At present he is the head of Business Development Group at ADDA training center of "Azerbaijan Caspian Sea Shipping" CJSC.

Currently she continues her pedagogical and teaching activity at MBA Program at UNEC and OYU.

Namiq teacher teaches International Finance Accounting, National Accounting, Tax System and Demand, Management Basics, Fundamentals of Economics, and other key business activities.