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Training plan

HSE - 11.03.2018

Health,Safety and Environment - HSE

Companies operating in various fields in our country, industry centers are taking serious steps to bring their activities to European standards every year. The most important of these steps is health and safety at work. For this purpose, each organization involved in various risk groups is involved in HSE specialists and works to minimize workplace safety, health and environmental protection. However, the lack of specialized HSE staffs also leads to a lack of expertise in this area. Taking into account all these and many requests and requests, we will soon start organizing Health & Safety in the Workplace.

STIMUL always works with experienced professionals as a quality assurance engineer. HSE trainings will be held in one of the international oil companies operating in the country and around the world as a co-founder of the HSE and Compliance Coordinator for Azerbaijan and Georgia at Baku Engineering University, teaching 13 years of 19 years of business experience in the industrial sector will be trained by the winning professionalist Khalid Babayev (Grad IOSH, MIIRSM).

Our classes will be organized mostly on Wednesdays and Sundays after 19:00. Hurry to sign up now because our places are limited!

NOTE: Applicants who submit the exam in English will be awarded with the internationally recognized Certificate by Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and will be issued by the CIEH London Office, along with the exam questions, as well as the exam results. Students enrolled in the Azerbaijani language will receive a certificate issued by STIMUL - CIHH, recognized throughout the country.

The full duration of the program will be 34 hours. Classes will be organized 2 times a week from 19:00 to 21:30 and Sunday from 14:00 to 13:00. The full program fee will be 570AZN for the applicants in English and 495AZN for the Azerbaijani language testers.