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Training plan

Tax accounting - 06.03.2018

STIMUL Education & Consulting invites Accountants to participate in the "Tax Accounting" training, as well as those who wish to start a new accounting business.

Training language: Azerbaijani language

Date and time: March 6, 2018, 19:00 (weekdays - Tuesdays and Fridays)

Duration: 3 months (36 hours)

Participation fee: 150 AZN (12 hours per month)

Trainer: Sadig Valiyev (more than 9 years of experience), currently works as Senior Accountant in one of the Holdings, Tax Officer.

Training program:

Personal Income Tax and Social Insurance Accounts:

- Calculation of salary calculation.

- Vacations.

- Calculation of income tax, exemption and concessions.

- Procedure for calculation of social insurance premiums.

- Disease benefits.

- Calculation of penalties.


Tax collection at source:

- ÖMV from rental fees.


Simplified tax:

- Simplified taxpayers.

- Taxation object.

- Simplified tax rate and calculation procedure.


Income Tax:

- Taxpayer, rate and taxation object.

- deductible and non-deductible expenses.

- Acquisition of fixed assets, repair costs, amortization.

- Cash and settlement method.


Property tax:

- Property tax payers

- Object of taxation and exemptions.

- Procedure for calculation and payment of property tax.


Value-added tax:

- VAT payers, their registration and cancellation of registration.

- Taxation object.

- Determining the time and place of operations.

- VAT on imports.

- VAT and free-of-charge transactions.

- VAT payable to the budget from taxable turnover

- VAT deduction

- Electronic tax invoice


Report Preparation Procedure:

• Report to the State Social Protection Fund (B1, B3)

• Declaration of tax payable at the source of payment (BTP)

• Tax returns (BTP)

• Simplified tax return (BTP)

• Income Tax Declaration (BTP)

• VAT Declaration (BTP)


New Accounts Plan:

- General acquaintance with an account plan.

- Receiving of correspondence.

- Establishment of the remaining balance sheet. Balance.